March 24, 2020

On behalf of KINWU Members

As you are aware, the health and safety risks associated with the COVID 19 virus and its spread in the workplace and community at large continue to be extremely high and potentially lethal to KINWU members and their families.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, KINWU members continue to report for work and continue to perform their duties faithfully and professionally in the face of this danger. These praiseworthy efforts of KINWU members has allowed and will continue to allow the INVISTA Kingston facility to remain operational and continue to thrive in a time when several other industries and manufacturing facilities have ceased operations and face uncertain futures.

As I trust you are aware, several Ontario employers have taken steps to appropriately recognize employee contributions during this crisis through the introduction of pay premiums.  KINWU members deserve similar recognition for their ongoing faithful and professional performance of their duties and in the face of the significant risks posed by COVID 19 in the workplace.  For this reason, KINWU urges INVISTA to immediately implement, on a without prejudice and limited time basis, an hourly rate premium of $2.00 per hour for all bargaining unit classifications retroactive to March 1, 2020.  The introduction of this premium will not only appropriately recognize the contributions KINWU members have made and continue to make to the ongoing success of the INVISA Kingston facility during the COVID 19 crisis, it will also serve as a moral boosting gesture during these truly anxious times that will be well received by Kingston facility employees and the Kingston community at large.

I welcome the opportunity to further discuss the implementation of the proposed hourly rate premium at your earliest convenience.

Larry Garrah


On behalf of KINWU members