KINWU Negotiations Opening Statement




Firstly, we encourage open and honest dialogue with a resolve that benefits all.

KINWU The Kingston Independent Nylon Workers Union’s…  intention is to ratify a new, fair, equitable, collective agreement on or before expiry of the current collective agreement between KINWU and Invista Canada, Kingston Site.

Everyone here knows of our short history of being Invista Canada since KOCH Industries bought Kingston Site and formed a subsidiary of KOCH Industries – Invista Canada.

KINWU has made considerable concessions since then to maintain the long term viability of Kingston Site.

KINWU recognized the need to accept change or as Mr. Carter stated, “masters of our own destiny”…… we are managing a global economy and we survived a market crash  ….Kingston Site is viable”

We experienced wage freezes,… seen reductions in Short Term Disability,…. pension, ….overtime,… benefits,.. new layoff/severance language,… Division of Labour, restructuring ….. these are some of the concessions made by KINWU members since KOCH’s acquisition of Kingston Site. “We’ve Done our Share”  to maintain our long term viability

As discussed by D Duncan, he said the company expects that all its investments are online to provide a return on their original capital investments.

Invista has enjoyed the last four years of profitability on the ever declining Canadian dollar….

During the economic crisis, Invista Kingston… was profitable…. when the dollar was at  par,… Invista Kingston… was profitable.

As Invista, Kingston Site is expecting these returns on capital investments, our membership too should be recognized by receiving significant positive changes to the Total Compensation Package

KINWU members are now expecting a return on their investment in Kingston Site.

As the company has made reference to industry standards, KINWU will show local industry standards, automotive industry standards and KOCH industry standards to reinforce our position on our proposals.

 In an effort to stay as an independent Union, we, the Executive, will need to present to our membership a final offer that recognizes the significant sacrifices and concessions that were made by the membership will be rewarded.

We, as an Executive, representing 550 members, will not be able to take a final offer back to our members if we are unable to show our members an independent Union is a viable option to an International Union.

Both UNIFOR and USW have consistently been in contact with KINWU in order to obtain another KOCH entity to their membership.

KINWU’s expectations from these negotiations… is that there needs to be profit and success for all….better pensions, wages, benefits and not just for the 1%. 

 KINWU is more than happy to see our BCF roomate back, who happened to bring with them their whole family of rail cars and a new co-gen to offset any new carbon taxes, to Kingston site, along with 25% exchange rate when Invista ships our product south of Kingston.

In closing, I would like to reiterate KINWU’s intent to have a ratified collective agreement in place on or before the expiry date.

Larry Garrah




Special Membership Meeting


745 Gardiners Road, Unit 9, Kingston Ontario K7M 3Y5

Phone: (613) 389-5255 / Fax: (613) 389-8265


Attention:   ALL K. I. N. W. U. Members


Special Membership Meeting


Date:               Thursday  December 8, 2016                                                

Time:              19:45 p. m.

Place:                   Union Office




Negotiation question and answer session


Larry Garrah

General Membership Meeting


General Membership Meeting

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Place:  Union Office

745-9 Gardiners Road, Unit 9, Kingston, ON

Time:  19:45 hours


  1. Call to Order
  2. Secretary’s Report
  3. Treasurers Report
  4. Chief Steward’s Report
  5. Standing Committee Reports
  6. Executive Report
  7. Old Business
  8. New Business
  9. Adjournment