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About Kinwu

For 50 years, KINWU has been providing support, resources, and advocacy strength to members and their families.

Built on respect, honesty, and integrity, KINWU continues to find new ways to improve the working conditions and lives of their membership.

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Meet an Executive

Scott Wilson is our new President. He has been a Union member for 31 years and has served on the Executive Committee as the Recording Secretary and Chief Steward in the past and is looking forward to being part of a strong Executive to help support the members. Scott’s previous role was the Site Overhaul Execution Coordinator which gave him an opportunity to work in multiple areas of the plant and with many of the members listening to the concerns that they have voiced. He is excited for this opportunity to work with the Executive as well as the members to strengthen the membership and move forward in a positive way.

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The Benefits of the Union

Trying to figure out if joining KINWU is worth it for you? There are a number of benefits you will experience as one of our members, and we’ve created a list to help explain:

Someone’s got your back

No matter whether you find yourself in a labour dispute, you are dissatisfied with various aspects of your employment, or whether you just have some questions you’d like answered – we’ve always got your back. It’s why we exist and love what we do.

Completely local and independent

Sometimes it can be complicated to work out funding, setting priorities, and managing the bureaucracy that can come with being a subsidiary of a larger union or organization. KINWU, however, doesn’t answer to anyone aside from its membership right here in Kingston.

Have a say in setting bargaining priorities

Want your experiences and desires reflected in what is being communicated on behalf of our workers through collective bargaining? Best way to do that is to become involved in the union and make your voice heard, so that we can go and amplify it.

General Membership Meetings

Once every quarter, we host our General Membership Meeting where all members are encouraged to come out and voice their opinions. It’s a great way to not only communicate how you’re feeling, but to get an idea of what pressing issues are resonating the loudest among union members.

Solidarity and community

Sometimes the biggest comfort can come from understanding that you’re not alone. Being engaged in the union is a great way to establish shared experiences or concerns, and to build strength in numbers as we move towards improving our collective situation.

Building meaningful, lasting connections

Engaging with KINWU has given our membership the chance to meet some of the most incredible people. Whether it’s a lasting friendship, an integrated support system that you carry forward with you, or something else, being part of the KINWU family can enrich many different aspects of your life.

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