Our Mission

The Kingston Independent Nylon Workers Union (KINWU) seeks to support the wellness, facilitate the success, and advocate the interests of the nylon workers in Kingston, Ontario.

Our Vision

KINWU strives to be the helpful, resourceful, and compassionate, require support, or have ideas for ways to improve work experiences. By facilitating relationships with workers and the company respectively, built on honesty and integrity, KINWU endeavours to be a vital part of the ongoing health and success of the company, its members, and their families.

The Collective Agreement

Click here to access our Collective Agreement, which outlines the terms of our employment.

Invista DuPont

What Do We Manufacture?

Our plant manufactures a range of nylon based polymer fibers used primarily in automotive applications such as airbags and electronic connectors, as well as in commercial and residential surfaces applications.

K.I.N.W.U. History


DuPont Plant Opens: DuPont opens the Kingston site with 175 members who don’t have any representation. Outside of the Employment Standards Act establishing minimum wage in 1937 and 40-hour work weeks in 1944, members do not have rights.


District 50: District 50, United Mine Workers of America, organizes the members of Kingston and becomes their representation.


Our Beginnings: On January 12, 1968, KINWU is formed, and is established by the Ontario Labour Relations Board as the exclusive bargaining agent for members at the Kingston Site. The Union is established as entirely local and independent.


Union Hall: After two years of planning, finding space, and building, KINWU officially opens a Union Hall on Arlington Park Place, which would expand in function and space over the coming years.


Plant Sold to Invista: In April of 2004, the nylon manufacturing plant is sold to Invista Canada, an independently operated and managed subsidiary of Koch Industries. DuPont retains control of its research lab. The union now has two separate facilities to negotiate contracts for.


Union Relocated: Due to increases in overhead costs and staffing requirements, the Union Hall is sold, and the executive moves to a smaller office on Gardiners Road.


50th Anniversary: On January 12, 2018, KINWU proudly celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Union Executive